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Olde Swing Bridge Roasters

Bath Bomb-Ball

Bath Bomb-Ball

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All-natural hundred percent organic ingredients.

This is intended for external use only- please do not use it internally or ingest it at all. Keep away from pets & small children. You should consult if you are pregnant, nursing, or have nut allergies.

Each medium bath bomb is 4.50 ounces. The fragrance/floral options are Calendula Flowers & Coconut Mango, Lavender Buds & Lavender Eucalyptus, or Rose Petals & Roses.

Fragrance/Floral options vary and cannot be selected. 

Ingredients: Baking soda, magnesium sulfate (bath salt), almond oil, sunflower oil, cornstarch, mica colored powder, citric acid, dried flowers, and fragrance oil

Made in United States of America

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