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Namaste Light Roast 12oz - Conceived by us as a special roast for unprecedented times, this is a premium single-origin Ethiopian naturally processed coffee. The Natural drying process -- where the coffee cherries, with the coffee beans inside them, are dried on unique drying beds in the sun immediately after they are picked in Ethiopia – differs significantly from the much more popular and less labor-intensive water-washed process. The result of the natural drying process is a coffee with a sweet, fruit-forward aroma and fragrance, like blueberries or cherries. It’s all-natural — no artificial flavors. We roast it lightly, so it’s sweet and a bit bright. A tea-like experience. Unique and an excellent choice for people who prefer light and somewhat acidic, bright coffee.

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About Our Coffee

Born out of our love for coffee, we have created this business to share that passion with you. We think that you’ll find our coffees to be among the best you’ve ever tasted. Each of our coffees are rich in aroma and flavor; from the seed on the coffee farm to the coffee in your cup, we intentionally strive to use the highest quality ingredients and roasting techniques available. Our coffees are grown throughout the world, travel thousands of miles to our shop, and are roasted exclusively right here in Ontonagon.

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