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Botanic Fiber Shoppe

Botanic Fiber Shoppe Hand-Dyed Yarn

Botanic Fiber Shoppe Hand-Dyed Yarn

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Botanic Fiber Shoppe - Hand Dyed-Natural Materials-Acid Free

Olde Swing Bridge Roasters - Exclusive Collection

BREW - A warm, rich brown reminiscent of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. - dyed from coffee grounds. OUT OF STOCK

COPPER COUNTRY - A rust shade to remind us of the underground roots beneath the Upper Peninsula. - dyed from onion skins.

LAKE OF THE CLOUDS - A stunning blue in tribute to the premier hiking spot of the Porkies. - dyed from saxon blue. OUT OF STOCK

LAKE SUPERIOR MORNING - An inspiring pink to compliment your breakfast near the choppy waters. - dyed from coffee grounds and cochineal.

ONTONAGON LIGHTHOUSE - A soft yellow reminiscent of the colored brick of the Ontonagon Lighthouse. - dyed from bird's foot trefoil and black-eyed susans.

AUTUMN SKY - Blue with whisps of small white clouds as seen on a sunny day hiking in the Porkies. - Dyed from saxon blue.

GREENSTONE LAVA FLOW - Deep red to honor the unique rocks formed around 570 million years ago in the Keweenaw! - dyed from madder root.

MORNING FROST - Soft green hues of the autumn ground kissed with a layer of frost on a chilly morning. - dyed from Queen Anne's lace and iron.

HONEY MUSHROOM - An homage to the humongous fungus, Armillaria gallica, residing underground in the UP, this mustard yellow might now be as epic but it is soft! - dyed from coneflower.

NORTHERN LIGHTS - A teal as seen when you look up while walking the Ontonagon beach on the right night. - dyed from saxon blue and Himalayan rhubarb.

PASTY - A warm soft brown that matches the crust of a Northern Michigan favorite! - dyed from oak.

SWEATER WEATHER - Rich burgundy to match the knit sweater mailed across the country to warm my now husband's heart. - dyed from madder rood and saxon blue.

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